About Malene

Rocking stages from Hong Kong to Central Park, singer/songwriter Malene Younglao is a crowd surfing, stiletto sporting and refreshing musical phenom that’s quickly become an exciting talent in the pop, urban alternative and indie music scenes.

The exotic 6ft tall Brooklynite is graceful, utter energy in motion. Hailed a “real life superhero,” by Complex Magazine, Younglao’s energy on stage is no less than super-human. This was beyond demonstrated by the rave reviews of her show-stopping performances this spring at SXSW 2010 and in Hong Kong at the Louis Vuitton & Diesel opening event for Simon Birch’s “Hope and Glory,” the largest art installation in Hong Kong history.
As a singer, songwriter, painter and yes, even a bourgeoning horticulturalist, her talent as an artist know no creative boundaries. Her saucy debut single “Miss America,” is an addictive and anthem-worthy cube of urban pop sugar that erases the boundaries and redefines what it means to be an in-control female artist and woman in 2010. “The new Miss America is the quintessential alpha female and the goal of the track is to shift the paradigm so we re-define what a bad-ass chick is. Miss America is on her money, she’s free, she’s fun, she’s in the moment, of the moment and creating moments and most importantly can’t be placed in a box.”
Malene’s blend of Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and Electronic elements in her music is a testament to the vastness of this young talent’s ability, her knowledge of music and the diversity of her musical influences and other sources of inspiration. “My music is rooted in pop and rock but there is a host of media I look to when I need to feel inspired. I’m inspired by artists such as Linda Perry, Bad Brains, Gwen Stefani, Peaches, Nina Simone and the list goes on and on. I also have a lot of influences that aren’t musical like painter Salvadore Dali. When I get writers block, I look at Dali, his classic period, and I also look to the energy of women like Angelina Jolie and Jada Pinkett-Smith.”
A classically trained vocalist with a background in jazz vocals, Malene Younglao’s songwriting abilities were revealed when the Trinidadian and Chinese beauty started writing rhymes shortly after moving to Brooklyn, NY from Trinidad & Tobago at the age of ten. She later found her musical comfort fronting her own rock band, Younglao. The band’s 2006 musical debut Live at Monster Island was an independent success selling 10,000 copies hand to hand and established Malene as a force on the indie music scene. As a front woman Malene Younglao was compared by Trace Magazine to pop icons such as Tina turner and Gwen Stefani due to her “ability to mesmerize audiences and leave them lusting for more.” Younglao has played alongside and opened for artists such as Santogold, Ludacris, Bun B, Del la Soul, Mos Def, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse and countless others.
Ever-evolving, Malene is currently in the studio using her limitless creativity, colorful songwriting, free attitude and magnetizing energy to record her yet to be named, debut solo album. Producers Seantre Smith and Dre Knight (formerly of production trio, The Narcotics) have collaborated to create a sound for Malene that she can call her own: a brash and edgy blend of innovative melodies and synth over gritty drums coupled with bass lines that can only trace their conception to southern strips clubs and rock-laden roadhouses. “This debut project will be a reflection of my evolution not only as an artist but as a human being” says Younglao. “It’s a celebration of the flesh and all it desires. It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s honest.”
Yes, the subject matter is honest to say the least. An awesome and at times audacious songwriter, Malene prepares to take us on journey through life in her skin while giving us a taste of the freedom and passion for living that has become her trademark. Her project will inspire one to indulge in all decadences that life has to offer while also showcasing the complexity and depth of this modern day super-heroine.
Brash, beautiful, electric, and intelligent, it’s easy to see why some refer to Malene Younglao as the quintessential superhero. By day she is a jeans and tee shirt Brooklyn B-girl who oozes a quiet undeniable swagger, while, by night, she’s a couture adorned wolf, possessing a sexual electricity and magnetic charm trademark to the mega icons that have come before her. And fortunately, she has plenty of every element in reserve to offer the world.